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Bhagirath Public School has been established at Village – Koolpur,P.O - Sewin Majra(Adhoya), Distt.- YamunaNagar(Haryana) to provide Knowledge to children's.It embraces the vision to became an association that builds not just the intellect but also the minds of children and inculcates wisdom.It is said that knowledge gives a person the ability to identify the choices available to him/her.Wisdoms grants the person the ability diffrentiate between these options and choose the best from them.This though is foundation of Bhagirath.
Bhagirath Public School has been envisioned and conceptualised to set up premium institutions with exemplary state-of-the-art facilities and unconventional progressive teaching methodlogies.

1. Name of school and address
(Strictly as per Affiliation sanction letter or as permitted by the Board ) with pin code no.
Bhagirath Public School,
Post Office - Sewin Majra(Adhoya),
Distt- YamunaNagar(Haryana).
(i) E-mail
(ii) Phone No. 9315522611
(iii) Fax No.
2. Year of establishment of school 2011

Message from the desk of the Chairman
Bhagirath Public School ,within an area of 2.8 Acres surrounded by lush green area , is an inspiration for those, who dream about ,the best education for their children at an affordable stage. The school was founded in April 2011, with a dream to impart best education with latest techniques, for the common man.and inculcates wisdom.Bhagirath is an institution that goes beyond providing knowledge to children. It embraces the vision to become an association with parents. It builds not just the intellect but also the mind of the children It is an institution where every care is taken by the staff and the management from academics to all other curricular activities side by side.
In an ordinary school the timings are usually short hours with old trends and methods, but at Bhagirath Public School , the academic schedule is longer with more devotion towards activities.Stress is put on moral attitudes ,which is the basic need and source of education. All extracurricular activities like Quizzes, Art and Craft competition, Extempore, Slogan Writing, Kite Flying and Festival activities are incorporated with activities in the students learning . Besides this ,multiple games ground is established for the students to play Basket Ball, Roller Skating, shooting , Badminton, Volley Ball, Lawn Tennis , kite flying and other outdoor games. Shooting has become a major game , the school team of shooting had entered State level tournament Rohtak .

After 3 months ,tours are organized to give a change to the students mind.In previous years students have visited FRI Dheradun, Indian Military Academy Dehradun,Budhha Monastry Dehradun,Wild life sanctuary Dehredun, Wild life sanctuary Patiala, Sish mahal Patila, Bird sanctuary Patiala, Krishna museum Kurukshetea, Kalpana Chawala Plonitorium Kurukshetra, Chatbanur Banur, Rock garden Chandigarh, Shabad markanda Templeand many other local tours are conducted occassionaly

People usually run to cities for such education putting a risk to the life of the students and their careers. Moreover 24 hours are spent in school buses ,which have an indirect effect on the health and mind of the students. So, why wait for other opportunity grasp this one and benefit with this to give the best education and growth to your child near your house where you can visit at any time.

How does Bhagirath help's child?
1. Bridges a child,s potential and the actualization of that potential.
2. Unites the child,s innate abilitieswith the skillsand understanding necessary for succeeding in the world.
3. Enables the chid to build connects with the world.
4. Education young boys and girls in such a way tha they are able to distinguish between vitue and vice.
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