To enhance the overall growth of children, co-curricular activities are an intrinsic part of the Bhagirath Public Schools’ Curriculum. Such activities are voluntary and not mandatory, which ensures that children take keen interest in pursuing them.
We offer a wide range of co-curricular activities for the all-round development of the children. These co-curricular activities imbibe in them the qualities like team spirit, tolerance, flexibility and appreciating others on their achievements, which in turn enriches and builds their character. The plethora of activities opens new vistas and broadens the horizon of our children in their future life.

Given below is the list of co-curricular activities offered at Bhagirath Public Schools:

House System
To run the school more smoothly and to inculcate the feeling of competition and sportsmanship among the students HOUSE SYSTEM is introduced in the school. The students and the teachers are divided into four houses.All sports,academic and extra cirricullar activities are judged among these houses


Pre-School activities: Banana race, Sack race, Spoon race, Baloon race, Toffe race, Tiffin party, Independence day celebration, Dussherra celebration, Diwali celebration, Rakhi celebration, Christmas celebration,
Basket Ball,Shooting,Western music, Cycling, Yoga, Indian Classical Folk Dance, Gardening , Football, Kite Flying, Volley ball,Cricket, Science Exhibition-School and inter School, Waste Material, Fruit Cutting