Curriclum & Course of studies for primary section ( class I – V )
1.Syllabus in sccordance with CBSE pattern ( continous and comprehensive evaluation ) system fom I onwards
2.The medium of instruction is english , hindi being a second compulsory language and Punjabi being a third .
3.Co – ciricular activities and personality devolpment programmes to ensure all round progress of every child .
4.Language proficiency classes to develop the students communication skills in English .
5.Smart class educo system to impart knowledge to make teaching – learning more comprehensive ,extensive and illustrative .
 Pre nursery , nursery & K.G programmes
Our first programmes is for tiny tots, who are just stepping into the world from the protective cocoon of their home .It encourages them to discover a whole new world by exploration of the school environment and of the manipulatives provided . Carefully designed activities and equipment help to stimulate mental and physical growth . Helping toddlers gradually acquire a more social world view is an important goal of the programme . The journey of discovery is enhanced through stories ,music ,art and the bonding with peers and mentors . These programmes are for children in the age-group 2 yrs to 5 yrs .The role of mentors is significant as they guide the children to acquire the requisite skills in literacy , numeracy and understanding the world . The core values of Bhagirath are gradually instilled during these years as childrens begin to appreciate them .Activities and equipments appropriate for this developmental period are made available to the children . This holistic programme is designed to provide a simulation of home environment to the children . Opportunities for discovering the creative potential of the child abd providing a platform honing their skills is provided .This will provide them with a window into the world of creative expression and build familiarity with the various creative pursuits so that he / she can make informed choices later